Beings whose circulatory system is traversed by xylem sap, which is mainly composed of mineral salts and water, and flows from the roots upward through the xylem vessels conductors with a speed of about 15 meters / hour. The veins ramify in every leaf by placing the xylem vessels near each cell, thus ensuring an efficient distribution system. The xylem sap rises against gravity from roots to leaves and shoots through two mechanisms: root pressure and traction. The phloem sap is an aqueous solution of different chemical composition than that of the xylem sap, in fact the solute that characterizes the phloem sap is sucrose (a sugar) in which the concentration may reach 30% by weight of the entire solution. The phloem sap may also contain amino acids, mineral substances and hormones. The Greenblood are scattered throughout the Universe, and they have reached the highest point of evolution and consciousness. The Greenblood hormones beings study the Redblood beings, and make experiments...

Are you a Greenblood? Are you ready to fight?

  • G.G.C. (Greenblood Genetic Chain)

    Greenbloods can transform at any time.

  • Extraordinary capacity for cell reconstruction

    The Greenblood cells are a inexhaustible energy potential.

  • Greenblood

    On Mikene planet, Greenblood were living in peace and armony.

  • Total control

    A Greenblood has the total control of what happens up and under his roots...