• Novel

    A rousing novel of adventure and science - fiction, a new superhero in the worldwide publishing scenery.

  • Action!

    A fascinating story, a "Saga" with attractive characters.

  • Breathless...

    Adventure, spying, thriller, science - fiction as never before.

  • Beyond imagination

    The highest exaltation of the plants' empire and plants' powers!

  • Choose your side!

    The eternal struggle between the Redblood descent and the Greenblood dynasty...

  • Secret weapons...

    A secret military plan for a new global order, through genetically - modified plants...

  • Not for all...

    Among all ... "BADROOTS, Cattive Radici" is always recognizable!

  • The illusion

    If you thought to be the superior species, all your certainty will crumble...

  • An overwhelming experience

    You will not be able to distinguish the line between reality and fantasy...

  • Beyond your imagination

    Beings from other planets.

  • Between dream and realty

    When you loose the hope, then you are ready to start again.

  • The courage to fight

    Freedom is the most important good: are you ready to fight?

Badroots, Cattive Radici © The Greenfighter' Saga

“Finally it is the available in ebook format the full version of the novel "BADROOTS, Cattive Radici ©" by John J. Greenflowers. 

A few clicks on the links below to download the novel, and you're catapulted into the wonderful world of Badroots and its protagonists: the Greenbloods and the RedBloods.

By the way: you're a Greenblood or a RedBlood? Read the book, and find out!”

John.J. Greenflowers 



Why the most powerful and secret worldwide Government Agencies, and ruthless terrorists, are interested in the experiments concerning the communication processes among the plants, and their infinite potential? What lies behind the Nation’s Global Program for Reforestation and behind the Kyoto Protocols 3 and 4? Who is actually the superior species, and what is the true meaning of life? This and other secrets, past, present and future, will be finally revealed in "Greenfighter' Saga": the showdown between the species of "Sangueverde" (Greenblood) and that of "Sanguerosso" (Redblood) has just begun ... Stay strong, then, because entering the world of "Badroots, The Greenfighter’s Saga”, page after page, adventure after adventure, all your confidence on the order of things will falter until the fall, and you must decide which side to take: whether with Redblood, or with Greenblood!

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A dynasty of superior beings and a new superhero with extraordinary powers.


  • Politics, business lobbies.

    When diplomacy is not enough, and into the military defeats it’s needed strategic and secret weapons.

  • The Greenbloods.

    Superior beings, developed in the sciences, which have reached the pinnacle of knowledge of Good and Evil...

  • Soldiers and mercenaries, ruthless.

    Government soldiers and mercenaries ready to use any means, just to reach the result: power.

  • Greenfighter.

    Only a “pure” will restore universal peace between Greenbloods and Redbloods: on Earth too.

  • Charm and mystery, looking for Truth

    With the sweetness you get everything with a Smith & Wesson, more!

  • The plant research

    When research is useful to mankind, and when used for military purposes.

  • Look always behind.

    When it comes to fighting, a Redblood and a Greenblood are not so different: they fight until they die.

  • Deep space.

    The good news is that we are not the only ones in the Universe, the bad news is that “others” want to be the "unique" in the Universe!

  • Battle for Universal Supremacy.

    The War between Greenbloods and Redbloods will end only when all the “enemy blood” will be poured into the 77 quadrants of the Universe, including the Earth...!

  • The aliens: neighbors.

    The Greenbloods were always been close the Redbloods, to observe and analyze their behavior and evolution...