Beings whose circulatory system is traversed by a liquid ruby red or red-violet; has a viscosity of about 4 times higher than that of water, a specific gravity of 1.041 to 1.062 g/cm3. In humans is about 7% of body weight, has a temperature of 37-38 ° C and a pH level of arterial 7:38 to 7:42. In humans is formed for 55% of a liquid part, called plasma, and 45% from a corpuscular part, consisting of cells or cell fragments, while in the female the liquid part is represented in the 60% and the corpuscular part to 40%.

The RedBlood are scattered throughout the Universe, but their process of development is still under observation by Greenblood, and under continuous testing and experiments.

Are you a Redblood? Are you ready to fight?

  • Redblood.

    A Redblood owns natural instinct for combat…

  • Evolution theories

    “The extinction of dinosaurs and other “Redbloods” is the result of a battle against “Greenbloods”?

  • Suspense and Adventure!

    Intelligence agencies, chases and gunfights liven up the novel...

  • Remote worlds

    "On other planets, parallel histories, and an endless war between Greenbloods and Redbloods "