Badroots, Cattive Radici ©


The birth of a superhero ...GREENFIGHTER ©.

What would happen if plants, and vegetable beings, apparently silent, motionless and defenseless, would get back their awareness of royal prerogatives, vital and sacred, that belong to them since the beginning of time?

And what would happen if the planet Earth’s plants declare war against the animals and, in particular, against humans?

And what would you think if the plants were special envoys and silent beings from other planetary systems that observe and study the humans waiting for achieving a higher level of awareness?

Why the most powerful and Secret worldwide Government Agencies are interested in the experiments concerning the communication processes among the plants?

What lies behind the Global Plan Reforestation of Nations?

The extinction of the dinosaurs and many other kinds of "Redblood" beings on the Earth, could have been caused not only by a climate change, or by the fall of a giant asteroid, but by a  war between species too, which have been long forgotten.

Some insects, in fact, belonging to the Devonian period and frozen in the permafrost of Antarctica, preserve the memory of a battle at the last Greenblood, and last Redblood.

It is hard to say, therefore, if BADROOTS, Cattive Radici ©, if a fantastic and adventure story, or a real and prophetic novel: the fact remains that the showdown between the species of Greenblood (Sangueverde) and that of Redblood (Sanguerosso) has just begun.

With "Badroots, Cattive Radici ©", then, began a new era, marked by the birth of a completely new superhero in the world of fantasy literature, thriller, spy and adventure.The plants and vegetables, Greenblood (Sangueverde), prove to the world its vital power: destructive and reconstructive.

With "Badroots, Cattive Radici" matures, however, aware that the plants’world has a major role for the future of mankind: indeed, it is the common denominator.

The struggle between Good and Evil, which holds and moves the story, is thus now in the final stages, and soon mankind will discover the truth, finally understanding the reasons for its fleeting as "miraculous existence" ... in an adventure without end!

John J. Greenflowers